‘Frat’ Bracelet is customizable. The pictured Bracelet features stretch silicon with 10mm matte black Agate and prominent gold accents of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.


Based on "Divine 9" affiliation or personal preference, Agate of another color may be selected to replace the matte black. Color selection and accents are limited (Designer's Discretion)

*shown with 'Graham' for style inspiration*


**Please allow 14 business days for the creation of this custom Bracelet**

Frat: Bracelet

  • Enjoy Life. Wear Beauty. May Vora Jewelry. There Is Only One….May Vora Jewelry will never create another piece like this. It is exclusive, timeless and the only one.

    • Size:  fits wrist (custom size)
    • Stretch closures
    • Agate, nickel free (custom material)
    • Lay flat or hang to preserve shape
  • Like this piece of jewelry but want detailed customization? Email us or visit the contact page to let us know what you would like!